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The Saw Muzzle Type Z


The Saw Muzzle Type Z
Fits Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita, Dewalt and All Other Large Reciprocating Saws
Asbestos • Lead Paint • Fiberglass • Drywall Dust

The Saw Muzzle™ Type Z is a complete universal dust collector designed to be mounted on all Sawzall™ type reciprocating saws including the Milwaukee Sawzall, DeWalt, Bosch, Makita and all other large reciprocating saws. All components needed to connect the Saw Muzzle to a 1 1/2" industrial vacuum hose are included with the system. The Saw Muzzle Type Z is easily installed and it offers an unobstructed view of the blade. The 3/4" vacuum hoses have a built in memory rod that allows the operator to place the hoses at the exact point of dust creation without obstructing the view of the blade.

How the Saw Muzzle Type Z Works
The Saw Muzzle type Z requires a 2hp industrial vacuum that has over 80 cfm (cubic feet/minute) airflow and over 80 inches of static lift. Most of these vacuums have a 1 1/2" (ID) hose that will connect directly to the hose splitter that is provided with the Saw Muzzle.

Stainless Steel hose clamps are used to place the vacuum hose clips at the point where the operator determines is the best spot for maximum efficiency as well as a clear view. The small vacuum hoses have a built in aluminum rod that allows the operator to fine tune the pickup location of the hoses. The vacuum hoses are then connected to the hose splitter which also accepts the male end of the step-up hose that is provided with the Saw Muzzle. The operator is then ready to attached the step-up hose to his industrial vacuum.

The Saw Muzzle Type Z is excellent for demolition work that involves creating toxic dusts such as lead paint, asbestos, silica dust, fiberglass as well as any other toxic materials. It is universally adaptable and can be used with any large reciprocating saw.

Universally adaptable to any saw

Allows a clear view of the blade

Installs in minutes

Durable: no brushes or parts to replace

Up to 99% efficient

To obtain maximum efficiency from the Saw Muzzle Type Z, the operator should be using a vacuum with over 80" of static lift, over 80 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of airflow and an replaceable filter bag. If you don't have a vacuum with those specs, please give us a call. We have vacuums in stock for our customers and we can help you find a vacuum with the correct specs in your area.

We also have complete HEPA flow systems available.

Photo Gallery

Saw Muzzle on a Milwaukee Sawzall

Hose clamps and hose clips on Milwaukee Sawzall

The hose splitter and step-up hose

The Saw Muzzle on a DeWalt saw

The Saw Muzzle on a Makita saw

Vacuum hoses & splitter on Makita saw