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Dust Muzzle Step-Down Hose (Part# Hose4)
The Dust Muzzle has a 1.25” female exhaust port and accepts a 1.25” tapered male hose fitting. If you do not have a vacuum hose with this fitting, you will need our step-down hose. Our step-down hose is 4 1/2 feet of...
Price: $14.95
Skateplate™ (Part# SKPL)
The Skateplate is a heavy duty rolling cart for Skil™ and Bosch™ 7” worm drive circular saws. It is molded from industrial strength fiberglass filled nylon. Unlike stamped metal rolling carts, it will not bend and...
Price: $139.95
Blade Roller™ (Part# BRS)
The Blade Roller is an economically priced rolling cart that is compatible with the Saw Muzzle. It fits Bosch™, Skil™ and Makita™ worm drive, left bladed saws. It allows friction-less movement of the saw when cutti...
Price: $79.95
Remote Vacuum Switch (Part# RVS)
When working with a 20 amp circuit, it is not possible to run a 15 amp grinder and a 12 amp vacuum at the same time without tripping the breaker. You can now connect your vacuum to a second circuit and activate it remote...
Price: $66.00
Standup Rolling Cart (Part# SB)
Our heavy-duty rolling cart is designed for years of continuous service. It accepts all of the left-bladed worm drive saws such as Skil™, Bosch™ and Makita. Although it is made to be used with the worm drive saws, it...
Price: $ 590.00